Theoretical-experiential seminars "A moment before"

Three theoretical- experiential seminars will be organized to deepen the theme of gender violence, with particular reference to domestic violence.

The seminars will be adressed to health and social care workers and all those interested in exploring the issue of men's violence against women.

These theoretical-experiential seminars will include explorative and expressive sessions by means of music therapy aimed at the disclosure of attitudes towards gender violence and perpetrators;

The number of participants for each seminar is 30 people.

First seminar – 4th September, from 9 to 15

Gender-based violence and domestic violence / The dynamic forms of feeling: towards a musically oriented listening to affects


Second seminar – 10th September, from 9 to 15

Violence from the point of view of the operators and not only / "The music of what happens" in the encounter with the perpetrator: sound-musical explorations


Third Seminar – 24th September, from 9 to 15

Assisted violence / "The music of what happens" when you meet a child victim of witnessing violence: sound-musical explorations


The three seminars will be held at the headquarters of the Oltre la Violenza OLV - UOPC ASL NAPOLI 1 CENTRO, Piazza Nazionale 95 C, Naples

For more information or to register, send an email to the following email address:

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In a protected online space, in a group of 7 men (maximum 7), where individual privacy is guaranteed, participants will discuss what happens a “moment before” the violent actions.

The group discussion is mediated by an expert psychologist who facilitates the exchange of perceptions, thoughts and representations of what induces some men to lose control of their actions leading to violent behavior.


Why to participate?

If it has happened to you sometimes to lose control of your actions you can confront yourself in an anonymous and non-judgmental space with other men to whom the same thing could happen.

If you have never lost control, you can participate to give voice to the experiences of your friends or people you know who happened.

Or you can also participate because you think your thoughts may be of support to other men or women who have experienced violence.


The webinar is structured in four meeting; each meeting will last 45 minutes.

Your contribution is precious to our project.

On our facebook page you can find all the information on the calendar of the meetings and on how to participate.


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