The serious game ViDaCS

Preventing domestic violence, using Immersive Technologies in order to trigger a virtual transfer: this is the aim of the serious game ViDaCS - Violent Dads in Child Shoes.

The protagonist of this Virtual Reality interactive experience is going to be the potential perpetrator, namely, the dad who might show violent behaviour in the domestic enviroment.

Thanks to a wearable device, the perpetrator is taken inside a simulated enviroment, which as the acronym hints, he finds himself “in the shoes” of a child, during an episode of domestic violence.

The perpetrator, through its choices and interactions with virtual objects and characters, recives auditory and visual feedbacks. They allow him to see and feel what is usually percieved by the most vulnerable family member: the child.

The idea is to reactivate untapped emotional channels, allowing the viewer, once the experience is complete, to bring out different considerations about how choices taken and the consequential reactions.


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