The Humanities Studies Department of the University Federico II

The Humanities Studies Department of the University Federico II (HSD) has a doctorate with research and intervention skills in gender studies and publishes the international journal of gender studies “The Blue Chamber” ( This activity is synergistically integrated with third mission initiatives for the promotion of gender policies and participation in regional, national and European Union calls in matter of women, children, families and rights. The HSD has a research team deals with topics related to the use of new media and artificial intelligences. It is characterized by a well-established activity in social research and clinical psychology on issues of social well-being, quality of life, relationships between men and women with special attention to bonds, emotional relationships and the fight against gender-based violence.

About us
About us
About us

O.L.V. Oltre la violenza - ASL NA1 CENTRO

O.L.V. is a project thought for people who deal with difficult relationships. 
It is also thought for violent men who acted violence and abuses against woman with whom he has or had a relationship. 
It is a possibility for people to meditate on relationships, through respect for otherness and dignity of each.

Consortium of social cooperatives "Terzo Settore"

The Consortium of Social Cooperatives “Consorzio Terzo Settore”, established under Law 381/91 in 2002, was born with the intent to promote and make social innovation by adopting new methodologies and technologies.
The main objective is the enhancement and creation of shared paths that hold together all the different sensibilities, giving, at the same time, a decisive shake to the way of “making social communication”.
“We never forget that real power is service. It is necessary to protect people, to care for every person, with love, especially children, old people, those who are more fragile and who are often on the periphery of our heart”. (Pope Francis)

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About us

Associazione Roots In Action

Roots In Action Association works since 2015 on promoting the psychological wellbeing and harmonious development of the youngest, with special reference to situations of psycho-emotional disorders, intellectual disability and high levels of social vulnerability. Roots In Action, inscribed into the Register of the Associations for Social Promotion of Campania Region with decree n. 306 of 07/05/2018, is specialized in the developmental risk prevention and clinical intervention by means of music-therapy and psychological techniques. Recognized by the MIUR as Research Body, it is inscribed into the Italian National Registry of the Research. Moreover, it carries on activities in the field of project design and management, and in the research area as well, through conference presentations, articles and book chapters. The Association strongly collaborates with nursery/primary/high schools and Non-profit Bodies in projects with local, national and European funding.

Villa delle Ginestre

The Rehabilitation Centre “Villa delle Ginestre” is the logical evolution of a know-how acquired in years of activity and has become more and more a concrete answer for all patients and their families who have difficulty in finding qualified structures and facilities. In its path the company has been profound changes and owes its name to the choice of a structure immersed in a field of brooms that, for a strange case of life, for various reasons was never the headquarters of our project. In 2004, the final transfer took place in the current premises, to offer a state-of-the-art, capacious and multifunctional structure, in full compliance with the regulations in force in the sector in which they work always first-class professionals that allow us to reach levels of assistance of excellence.
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About us

Protom Group S.p.a.

Founded as a consulting firm in 1995, Protom Group S.p.a. ( is now a company main focused on business innovation by providing cutting-edge solutions. 
Indeed the ongoin innovation-oriented research of Protom takes place in the emerging and thriving industries: one side the Advanced Engineering to another side the Information Technology, now they represent the core business of company.


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